Mulch is the FBS Weekend Read

A quick update as I revamp the old blog: my rather creepy short story Mulch was the For Books’ Sake Weekend Read in September. It was a real pleasure to work with the talented editors, Kerry Ryan and Anna Wilkinson. You can still read it here, for a short time.
For Books' Sake

For Books’ Sake is currently asking for submissions to their ghost story anthology and I would urge any female-identifying writers to enter.

Sad Kit Harington by Rebecca Ferrier and Alyson KissnerIn other rather belated news, I had a humorous article featured on The Toast. It was written on a cold September night with the Canadian up-and-coming poet Alyson Kissner. As Game of Thrones fans, we couldn’t resist a little teasing commentary about the actor who plays Jon Snow.

Although we had the article accepted in 2015, it would only be published if Jon Snow lived beyond his rather brutal stabbing. It was a long, agonising wait until April, where we jumped on any news that Stark’s bastard might still be alive. And then, at last, the wait was over.

The feedback was amazing, as were the suggestions to our comprehensive list from readers who wished to join in. I do mourn The Toast and its amazing articles. It was a privilege to be featured alongside writers I have admired for a long, long time.


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